ERP implementation has been our specialty since the beginning

In times when other companies would still use flint, we went ahead and discovered the lighter!Though we may not be marathon runners, we always aim to be one step ahead. And we have been able to do just that for many years now!

We prove to our customers that systems are not as scary and complicated as people tend to think. Moreover! They can significantly simplify your work and turn many laborious activities into automated actions.

Well, you may ask, and why should you choose us? Good question. Not unlike the best trained waiters, we’ll give you a tray full of solutions ready to be implemented. Moreover! We will adjust all of them to match all the needs of your business to a letter. We always strive to think outside the box – that’s how we find the ideas that ignite inspiration, make life easier and reduce unnecessary costs. What else?How common is it to gain access to the company’s detailed pricing simply by entering its website? Here you will never buy a pig in a poke! We like clear rules. You do too, right?

Well? Are you ready for a massive injection of positive changes into your company’s management?


XLE Sp. o.o. (Ltd.) is a company with a history dating back to 1996. From the very beginning we were passionate about integrated computer systems meant to manage the company.


In the years 2006-2011 we existed under the name: XLE Malewski&Pilachowski s.c. In July 2011 we changed our company’s legal form and became a limited liability company, operating under the name XLE Sp. o.o. (Ltd.)


We became an Authorized Partner of Soneta – a manufacturer of enova365 – the ERP software designed for business.


We moved to the new headquarters in October; a clear sign of our growth.


We continued to evolve rapidly.


We opened our new branch in Łódź, offering new opportunities to the companies located on the Gdynia – Łódź route.


The future belongs to us


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