Our own ERP solutions


Document Management System


Do you think that clean desk policy is but a fantasy? We know it can be done! Imagine a paperless office, free of piles of binders. Scan your document and run XLE_DMS, the linker for DMS and Workflow modules of enova365. It will guide you step by step to where the document should go. From now on it will always be within your reach! XLE_DMS will simplify the document management processes in your company. Copying and printing will become redundant. You will be able to cancel your paper and toner purchase for good. Start planning new investments!


Computer Telephony Integration 


Staying in touch with your customer is crucial in business. We combine systems! XLE_CTI is an add-on that allows the integration of Datera’s Call-ex telephone switchboard with enova365 ERP system. It is an add-on that shall quickly become an indispensable asset in your line of work. It will replace dozens of sticky notes and ever-disappearing pens. The system will inform you with which customer you are currently contacting. You will be able to prepare an offer or find a necessary document even during the call. Any note will be easily transformed into instructions for another employee. XLE_CTI will remember not only the call, but the whole conversation; it will remind you to call back, at the same time showing you the history of the conversation. Can you hear it? A new customer is calling. XLE_CTI already has their phone number – and the rest depends on you.


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