Implementation of  ERP enova 365 – how we proceed

Stages of purchase and implementation of the IT system

Purchasing and implementing an IT system is a process that consists of multiple recurring stages. We always go through said process using the methodology we have developed over the years. We know that acting in accordance with accepted principles ensures faster, more efficient implementation of any project at a lower cost.
Pre-analytical sheets
Before the pre-implementation analysis you will be asked to fill a questionnaire, in which you will briefly describe your company. On this basis we will determine how much time will be needed for pre-implementation analysis, its cost estimate, and specific issues to be discussed.
Pre-implementation analysis
It is a document, the content of which will be based on a series of meetings with your employees from different departments. Together, we will establish what your needs are in regard to the new system. The analysis allows us to clearly define the scope and cost of the implementation as well as its priorities.
Our offer and the purchase of the system
Our sales department along with the project analysis coordinator will prepare an offer in accordance with your individual needs. After purchasing a license we will set the implementation schedule, sign a contract for carrying out the work, and spring to action immediately.
Configuration and parameterization
At this stage, we create and test the system’s functions defined during the analysis phase. It is also when we focus on the development of the features to suit your needs perfectly, creation of integration and interfaces, as well as data migration process.
Training courses
Your employees will be trained to operate the system, interface, basic functions and some of the more advanced features. Training can be done individually or in groups; it can take place on your premises or in our training room; we offer training in person as well as distance learning courses. On request, your employees may also receive operating instructions.
Start-up assistance
After training we will continue to support you during generating processes of documents and reports, downloading bank statements, and calculating remuneration for the first time.

Post-implementation support in enova 365 system

The market, economic and tax laws, and processes within the company are not everlasting. The continued development of software by its manufacturers is also a significant factor to consider. Our work does not end with the implementation of the system – we help you to smoothly adjust to never-ending changes and customize the system to the new reality and needs. We establish partnership with our clients and offer continual support in their business’ development for many years.

We provide support on the basis of a service agreement or prepaid hours package.
The service agreement covering ERP systems is offered to the enova365 users whose business endeavors require constant, individual attention and assistance with the development of the installed program.


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