Training courses – how to use enova 365 system

Do you have your information system in place, but it does not work quite as you expected? Maybe its users do not take advantage of all of its features? Maybe you hoped that the staff would learn how to handle the system much faster? Or maybe you have new employees who are not familiar with the enova365 system… Still wondering what for?
Properly preparing your personnel for upcoming changes is crucial. The same thing goes for any new tool, such as a personalized ERP system.
As an entity implementing ERP systems for various industries and keeping in touch with the personnel of various companies, we can freely state – training is important and we are the right people to perform it.

Our training course will help you switch to the new system much faster and fully use the automation of the company processes, thereby improving work productivity.

What our training courses look like

We offer workshop training courses, using carefully selected exercises (based on real-life events), taking into account the customers’ needs. The pre-training analysis will be conducted after you apply for the course.


The application form (company name, contact details, the number of people to train, identified problems/ the name of the ERP system used by the company)

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Conducting the training courses at the XLE headquarters (Gdynia)

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